Is Putting Your Parents In A Home The Right Thing To Do?

Is Putting Your Parents In A Home The Right Thing To Do?

December 7, 2015 Off By Rhys Benson

When it comes to providing health care for your parents many of you wonder if you did the right thing by putting them in a home or in the hands of a stranger. This is quite normal for children to have second thoughts on this and feel a little guilty. However here are some points that you may not have thought about when you are in the middle of the remorse.

Best services

Many of you are busy with full time jobs. It is not that ethical to justify not looking after them, because you have jobs. However you are not a professional caregiver. They have a way with the elderly. At these aged care facilities they have the best nurses and the best medical teams at all times to provide the highest quality service to the residents. If you had kept your parents home with you, they may not receive this type of a service. In fact it would be dangerous to keep them alone at home while you are at work. For example if your parent suffer from memory issues, or any other health issue, they need constant attention. So if you look from that angle you have done a good thing by providing with the services they require the most.


It is a well known fact that older you get more company you would need. Elderly would love to sit and have a chat with someone every day. But if you are away for work and kids are away to school your parents might feel really lonely throughout the day. At aged care in Canterbury centers they have many other residents and they have nothing else to do as well. They have plenty of activities like walking, swimming and other exercises. Reading clubs and many other hobbies are available to them throughout. They can make new friends and it will keep them happy. Of course they would want their family around, but if you visit them every day it will be the best for them.


Elderly people have special food needs. It may be difficult for you to provide this at home every day. The elderly center prepares special food for them and on top of that they keep track of their food intake and any other health related matters. Whom to say this is a bad idea to keep them in a place they get the attention, the warmth and the individual attention they require. Unlike those days many of these care centers are up to a high standard of cleanliness and quality. There are authorities making sure they do a good job so you don’t have to worry on your parents being unhappy and depressed alone at home.