Civilization And Improved Cultures

September 30, 2015 Off By Rhys Benson

In the ancient days, there were not many traditions and customs available. There was only one religion called mankind. People use to believe on the concepts like the humanity, brotherhood and one for the other. But slowly with the increase in civilization the mankind was also divided based on several factors like rich and poor, racial differences, communal differences and many other things. Initially, people use to have common food and use to live alike. But slowly with the changes, people were divided into different religions and communities. Now religion is playing a very important role in the human life that it has become more important even than the humanity.
Each religion and region has its own traditions and customs based on the geographical and economic features also. People got educated and everything had developed so fast that people has reached the moon. Even after the improvement of civilization people cannot escape from the concept of death. Even though there are many cultures and having different aspects for every culture death of a human being can be treated differently, burial was the common concept among all these cultures. In Western countries, people use to place headstones over the tomb of the dead one. 
Not only the death rituals and customs but also the lifestyle has also varied with the civilization. People use to respect their parents and treat them like gods. But now no such relations are found. All the relations now are based on the social status and money which is existing in the world.
There are many such things that had made the improved civilization worse when compared. The crops, business, education, relationships, power and many more have changed their definition in the new and improved civilization. When any animal dies the rest of the animals feel bad for it. But when any human being leaves his life the people who are surrounded also behave differently as if they were Strangers.
In early days, people use to give moral support and consoled the members of the family in which the loss has done. But now there were no such people who can provide their support. Simply people stand before the headstones after cremation and then they will move on their way and they bother nothing about anything else for them. The internet, rocket and other advanced technologies have changed the meaning of civilization. On the other hand, you can check this link if you are looking for bronze memorial plaques.
The civilization shows its impact on every aspect of life starting from the birth till the death of the people. In between these two, the human life survivals like the education, work, living style, wedding, necessities, luxuries and many other things that have been influenced greatly with the improvement and modernized civilization methods. The world itself has a greater impact depending on the all the features through which people survive.